1-4 Polishing Machine

We have developed PM1-4, a new generation micro-optical polishing machine.
It is designed for precision machining of spherical surfaces of optical parts with high accuracy and quality requirements for the surfaces.
In order to achieve high precision machining of the spherical surfaces, a very precise adjustment of the polishing machine is required – oscillation angle and frequency, spindle speed,
polishing suspension temperature, pressure force and machining time for the workpiece. Our PM 1-4 polishing machine offers all these possibilities.
With the polishing machines now in place, these adjustments are made manually by opticians. It takes a lot of time and effort. Repeated adjustments are sometimes required to determine the optimum mode of operation for a part. Changing from one detail to another also takes time.

Robotic mechanism controlled by a controller

PM1-4 is easy to use
The machine is equipped with a PLC controller and a touch screen, stepper and asynchronous motors, frequency controllers and drivers for electronic control and kinematic motion control.

  • Almost all parameters are adjusted using the touch screen operating panel.
  • Maintenance is easy and may be performed after a short training by any experienced optician who performs polishing operations.
  • Limit values are defined for each parameter, which automatically prevents setting incorrect data.

The following parameters may be adjusted on the touch screen:

  • initial oscillation angle, oscillation angle, oscillation frequency, upper spindle speed, lower spindle speed, and processing time.

Entering these parameters on the touch screen takes no more than 2-3 minutes for the operator.

The screen initiates constant reports on fluid temperature and the force of pressure on the surface being treated.

Basic machine parameters:

  • allows radius processing from 0.7 mm to 20 mm;
  • has 4 independent operating heads;
  • may store 50 polishing presets;
  • there is an additional device for adjusting the swing point;
  • there is an option for remote monitoring and setup of the machine via the Internet.

APM 1-3 Unit

To ensure the technological temperature of the polishing fluid, we have developed a special unit APM1-3 for feeding and thermal control of the polishing fluid.
The construction of the unit is new and does not allow the deposition of polishing suspension, which is a big problem with existing thermal tanks.

Basic machine parameters:

  • 10 liters capacity of polishing fluid container;
  • 40 l / min pump flow;
  • 12.5 liters buffer tank;
  • 33 liters of intermediate coolant;
  • intermediate coolant - water.

Polishing suspension feeder and tempering unit

The stainless steel tank with a polishing liquid, designed as a separate element in the unit, is easily removed when cleaning and replacing the liquid. The unit provides homogeneous and temperature-stable polishing fluid.

  • The unit may feed up to three polishing machines at a time.
  • A pipe flushing faucet is installed in the machine pipes to prevent the polishing fluid from settling.
  • May be used to supply temperature stabilized and homogeneous polishing suspension to process equipment other than PM 1-4.
  • Equipped with a protective system, in which the power of the entire machine is automatically shut off and all processes stop by opening the cover of the polishing suspension.

The machine ensures high performance and consistent parameters of the parts.